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just be a fan.
RealTime Live is a sports prediction app where everyone can win real money by turning every moment into can't miss action, bringing you closer to the game.
No gambling. No jargon.
Two screenshots of the RealTime Live app. Showcasing the games of the day as well as an in-game screen with an example of a basketball question, "Will Kevin Durant have more points than James Harden this quarter?"
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Predict what will happen next in your favorite sports

what they say

five ★★★★★ reviews


"The future of watching sports"

This app is simply incredible. I have never in my
life been so attentive watching sports.
This makes watching sports WAY more fun!

This is simply the future of watching sports and having
an incredible time while you kick back on your couch
and play with friends and family.


"My new go to app"

A friend sent me a link to this game a few months back
and I am so grateful! 
RealTime has become a go to for me!
 I am a big sports fan, but don't really have the
skills to throw down big bets, nor do I want to!

It's tons of fun when you can win some cash
without risking any, plus add even more
fun and excitement to watching life sports.
This app is really the best of both!

@kev106 & @nick12786

"10/10 Absolute gamechanger"

Before downloading this app I didn't even like football.
Now I can't get enough of it.

After hearing my friends talk about this app I decided to
give it a shot. Wow were they right, this is unlike
any other app of its kind and got me back into sports. Definitely worth a shot you won't regret it